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BenQ MX522P Projector Remote Control


For BrandBenQ
For ModelMX522P
ConditionNew Remote
Package1 Remote Control, battery not included
Guarantee90 days
Battery Type2 x AA
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Whether you need to replace your BenQ MX522P Projector Remote Control, or just keep a spare one on hand, this remote will give you a full Controling for your BenQ MX522P projector.

With the replacement remote control, you can not only toggle the projector between standby mode and on but also set up presentation timer, set up 3D projecting directly, freeze the projected image and adjust the projecting image etc.

The replacement is designed to use two AAA batteries. And it is easy to remove to replace.

Replace the remote batteries

  • Turn the BenQ MX522P Projector Remote Control over to its backside. Now you will find the finger grip on the battery cover. Push it on and slide it up. Then it will be slid off.
  • Remove your old batteries or install two AAA batteries when you use the remote on the first time. It important to install the batteries correctly as the batteries storehouse. Let the batteries go (+) to (+) and (-) to (-) polarities.
  • Refit the batteries cover by aligning it with the base. And Slide it back into the position.


Remove the batteries if you will not be using the projector remote control for a period of time or the old battery are dead. Because of the battery liquid leakage will damage the remote control.

Please don’t throw the dead projector remote control batteries into a fire. There may cause an explosion. Therefore, dispose of it following the manufacturer’s instruction and your local environmental regulations.

The effective range of the remote

There should be one or two projector’s IR remote control sensor(s). While one is located on the front side, and the other is on the top of your projector (is for celling Controling).

The remote is only effective when it is operating approx positive and negative 30 degrees of the sensor, and also not exceeding 8 meters away.