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BenQ MS500 Projector Remote Control


For BrandBenQ
For ModelMS500
ConditionNew Remote
Package1 Remote Control, battery not included
Guarantee90 days
Battery Type2 x AA
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The BenQ MS500 Projector Remote Control is a replacement remote for your existing original remote. With this replacement remote, you can start up your BenQ MS500 projector, freeze the projector image, starts the FAQ function, magnifies or reduce your projector size setup presentation timer etc.


Install or Remove the Remote Battery

This remote control is designed to use a button battery. You have to install a new battery when you get the remote. However, please remove the battery if you will not be using it for a long period.

How to replace the battery

Firstly, push and hold the locking arm, and pull out the battery module.


Secondly, before inserting a battery into the holder, confirm the positive polarity is facing outward as the picture.

And push the holder back to the remote and the remote can be used to control your projector.