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3M MP8647 Projector Remote Control


For Brand3M
For ModelMP8647
ConditionNew Remote
Package1 Remote Control, battery not included
Guarantee90 days
Battery Type2 x AA
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3M MP8647 Projector Remote Control is a replacement for your lost or broken 3M projector remote control.

This remote provides you a full control of your 3M MP8647 projector.

Install 2 AAA remote control batteries

Before getting the remote control to work on your 3M MP8647 projector, please install two new AA batteries. And don’t forget to remove the batteries from the remote if you will not use the remote for a long period and keep them in the safe place.

  1. Holde the hook part of the battery cover on the back side of the remote. Remove it to open the cover.Install or replace batteries for Hitachi projector remote control step 1
  2. Align and insert two new AA batteries. Please follow its plus and minus terminals as indicated in the remote control.
  3. Re-install the battery cover in the direction of the arrow and snap it back into place.

How to fix if the remote control does not work on your 3M MP8647 projector?

Sometimes, the replacement remote control may not work on your projector when you use it for the first time. In this case, we have to find out the reason that makes it not function.


Test the remote control

First, let’s test or check if the replacement remote control was broken when it was on the international shipping way.

To test the remote control, open your phone camera ( If your camera is iPhone, please ensure to test on the front camera which is located on the iPhone screen side) and point it at the projector remote control signal Infra-Red light on the top of the remote. And then, press any key of the remote to check if you could see the Infra-Red light flashed on the phone screen.

If you could not see the Infra-Red light, please check the batteries plus and minus terminals. And please contact us if you confirm the batteries were installed correctly.

Use the remote control near the projector’s remote sensor

Secondly, the remote control works with the projector’s remote sensor. After testing the remote control Infra-Red light work, confirm that you are using the remote. Generally, most of the projector’s remote sensor is located in front side of the projector.

The sensor senses the signal within 60 degrees range (30 degrees to the left and right of the sensor) and 3 meters about.

Therefore, you have to ensure to use the projector remote control within the sensing area.

Changing the remote control signal frequency

In most of the projector remote controls, they have two choices of signal frequency mode.

For the 3M projector remote control, it provides two different signal frequency mode: the factory-set initial mode 1 (Normal) and mode 2 (High).

The switching function is to prevent remote control interference when operating several projectors or other videos devices at the same time.

Furthermore, when you change the frequency of the remote control signal, please remember to set the same mode in your projector’s REMOTE FREQ. For further information on how to do this, you need to read your projector manual on chapter Remote Control Code.