Original Bulb Inside NEC NP215 projector lamp

The original quality lamp contains a Philips bulb. The assembled Philips bulb is 190 wattage. It features 2,000 lumens color brightness and white brightness. That equal to the original NEC lamp unite.

This 260 watt Philips bulb is the same projector bulb as originally installed in your NEC projector. Therefore, to take the original bulb inside the lamp equal to replace a new original NEC lamp.

Alike the NEC brand lamp, our original inside lamp has the same brightness and lamp life. However, compared to the NEC brand lamp, our original bulb inside the lamp only costs $105.00. So that may save you a big in the long run comparing to the NEC brand lamp. Philips factory manufactured this original UHP 260-220 projector bulb to use in the NEC NP215 projector.

The price is only $89.00 for this projector bulb.

Take this original bulb and replace it in your existing housing/cage will save your budget. And also, it will help the environment.


Or you have projector white dots error on your NEC NP215 projector?

Replacing your aging DMD chip will fix the trouble.

Find our price for the NP215 DMD chip and you can also find the replacement remote control for your NP215 projector if you needed.