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BenQ W10000 Projector Lamp


For ProjectorBenQ W10000
Available VersionOriginal Bulb Inside Lamp Module, Original Bare Bulb, Compatible Lamp, Compatible Bare Bulb
Original Bulb BrandPHILIPS
Guarantee180 days(Original) 120 days(Compatible)
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iProjectorlamps projector lamps DMD Chip online store

The BenQ W10000 Projector Lamp is a replacement lamp made from an original bulb or original burner. It is for use in BenQ brand projectors listed below. At iProjectorlamps.com online store, you can find four options for the replacement lamp module. The original bulb inside the module, the original bare bulb, quality compatible lamp module, and the quality compatible bare bulb.

Projector lamp quality and customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

In order to keep quality guarantee, the original bulb inside the lamp module and the original bare bulb come with a 180-day warranty. And the compatible products come with a 150-days warranty.

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Original Bulb Inside BenQ W10000 Projector Lamp

The original quality lamp contains a Philips bulb. The Philips bulb features 250 wattages. It gives 1,200 lumens color brightness and white brightness.

This Philips bulb is the same projector bulb as originally installed in your BenQ projector. Therefore, to take the original bulb inside the lamp equal to replace a new original BenQ lamp.

Alike the BenQ brand lamp, our original inside lamp has the same brightness and the lamp life. Comparing to the BenQ brand lamp, our original bulb inside the lamp only cost $139.00. So that may save you a big in the long run.

Philips factory manufactured this original UHP 250 projector bulb to use in BenQ W10000. It features 3,000 hours lamp life in Eco mode and 2,000 hours in standard mode.

The iProjectorlamps.com price is only $115.00 for this projector bulb.

Take this original bulb and replace it in your existing housing/cage will save you $24 dollars. And also, it will help the environment.

Epson ELPLP89 original projector bulb
Epson ELPLP89 compatible projector bulb

Compatible BenQ W10000 projector lamp

In addition, we also provide a compatible lamp and bare bulb for BenQ W10000. Definitely, compatible lamps’ quality always depends on the burners. In other words, the better the burner installed in the lamp, the brighter and lasted longer.

With this in mind, we assembled the top burners that are manufactured by Osram, Philips or Ushio. At the present time, we control the replacement lamps defective rate under 1%.



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Original Bulb Inside Lamp Module, Original Bare Bulb, Compatible Lamp, Compatible Bare Bulb

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