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Panasonic PT-VW535N Projector Filter


For BrandPanasonic
For ModelPT-VW535N
Part #ET-RFV400
Package1 Projector Air Filter
Guarantee30 days
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The Panasonic PT-VW535N Projector Filter also knows as an air filter that is used to prevent the dust come into the projector internal. If the air filter unit was clogged, the projector internal temperature will be high. In this case, projector temp light will be lighting in red or blinking. When you receive this warning message, you have to clean or replace a new air filter unite. Otherwise, the projector will shut down automatically and prevent overheat projecting.


Replace the Panasonic PT-VW535N Projector Filter

An air filter estimated duration is around 7,000 hours. However, it is better to replace it early if the projector is working in a dusty environment. iProjectorlamps.com stocks original Panasonic PT-VX600 projector filter. Replace your clogged filter when a temperature warning message is displayed or your projector TEMP lights in red or blink.

How to replace the air filter for Panasonic projector:

Before replacing a new filter, please make sure to turn off the projector power and unplug the power cable.

  1. Remove the air filter cover

Pull out the air filter cover from the hook of the projector. Push upward the tabs of the filter cover, and open it in the right direction.

2. Remove the air filter

Hold the air filter tab on the left side and pull it out.

3. Attached the air filter back to the projector

Following the tabs direction, put the air filter and its cover back the projector.


Moreover, reset the air filter counter.

Connect the projector power cable, and start the projector. Press the ‘MENU’ button on your projector or remote control to open the main menu. Use up and down keys to find the ‘Projector Setup’ function. In the projector setup tab, select the ‘Filter counter-reset’. And press ‘ENTER’ key. Then the air filter unit will be reset to ‘0’ usage time.

Panasonic PT-VW535N projector lamp and remote control

At iProjectorlamps.com, find the original Ushio bulb inside Panasonic PT-VW535N projector lamp with housing. Besides, we also stock remote control for the Panasonic projector. Check for the recommended product list on the right side.



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