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Casio XJ-A255V Projector DMD Chip


For BrandCasio
For ModelXJ-A255V
TypeOriginal New
Package1 chip & 1 thermal paste
Guarantee90 days
SKU: IPLD18951 Category: Tag:


Casio XJ-A255V projector DMD chip is an optical semiconductor which contains up to millions of micromirrors that are much smaller in width than a human hair. Each mirror inside the DMD chip reflects an image pixel on the projector screen. As times passed, the micromirrors will become aging as the high wattage light from the projector bulb. This is what results in white dots or dead pixels on the projection screen. And replacing a new original DMD chip is the only way to solve white dots or dead pixels on your projector screen.

The replacement Casio XJ-A255V projector DMD chip is typically used in repairing Casio XJ-A255V projector white dots on the screen error. It is not too difficult to DIY replace the DLP chip within the DLP projectors or televisions.

The package includes a new DMD chip and blue thermal pad. General package without the brand name.

DMD Chips are manufactured by Texas Instruments (TI Technology). The chips are built with millions of micro-mirrors inside. The only factory to produce the chips is Texas Instruments. No generic or compatible chips. If your DLP projectors having white dots, dead pixels on the screen, you may need to order the new chip for a replacement. If you don’t know how to replace the chip, please take a reference to the video on how to replace a new chip. Please ask your repair man to help or do some google search.



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