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InFocus IN118HDxc Projector Color Wheel


For BrandInFocus
For ModelIN118HDxc
Condition100% New
Package1 Projector Color Wheel
Guarantee90 days
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InFocus IN118HDxc Projector Color Wheel

The InFocus IN118HDxc projector is installed a 6 segment, 2x speed color wheel which is control the image color. While you find the projection image color comes wrong, you may consider if the color wheel was broken.

iProjectorlamps.com stocks the original InFocus_IN112X projector color wheel. And this color wheel can fix your broken color wheel projected the wrong image color.

However, different arear projector may assemble different color wheel. Before buying the color wheel, we highly suggest customers contact our sales representative via [email protected]_to confirm your original unite.

Please take some pictures of your original InFocus IN118HDxc wheel on the white background to show us the color of the segment, the size of the color wheel, and the serial_number of the cable. And we will process the replacement projector color wheel as your original information.


InFocus IN118HDxc projector lamps DMD chip and remote control

Moreover, you can also find the stocks of InFocus IN118HDxc projector lamp, spear bare bulb, original DMD chip and original remote control at our store.

You can get the original Osram bulb inside lamp as cheap as $89.99 to meet your needs on the replacement. That is to say, you pay less than a hundred to renew your InFocus IN118HDxc projector lamp.

Furthermore, you will need a new original projector DMD chip when the InFocus IN118HDxc screen appears the white dots. Replacing the DMD chip will totally fix the dead pixels and make your DLP projector as new.

Finally, bookmark our InFocus IN118HDxc projector remote control as well in case of your original remote broken all of sudden.



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