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Get The Replacement Projector DMD Chip To Fix Projector White Dots

Is Your DLP Projector Stuck Of Dead Pixels On The Screen? Then You Will Need A New DLP Chip To Fix It.

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What Is Projector White Dots / Dead Pixels / White Spots On The Screen


While you have noticed multiple white spots (something like stars on the sky at night) displaying on your DLP projector screen, then your projector is stuck on white dots problem which is caused by an aging or broken DMD chip.

The problem will become even worst as times passed. And you aren’t able to see any detail one day if you do not fix it.
The projector dead pixels image looks like this…

Projector white dots on screen
No matter you believe or not, the white dots error is a common problem on all the DLP projectors, especially for the not well designed cooling models.


For example,

The NP215 is one of the DLP projectors that the chip is easy to be aging.

Because the NP215 Projector DMD chip is high-demands in one of our college customer in Canada.


What Is The Projector DMD Chip? And How Does It Work?


The projector DMD chip is what works as a CPU in the computer. But the difference is the DLP chip is handling with the lights from the projector bulb while the CPU is handling the datas.

Here is the chip look like…

How does projector DMD Chip looks likeThe chip contains millions of micro-mirrors inside. While needed, the micro-mirror will rotate to positive and reflect the light through the lens to the screen. In this case, a bright pixel will be displaying. Opposite, the light will be reflected to the heatsink and displaying a dark pixel on the screen.


For this reason, one or more micro-mirrors are broken inside, the white spots are appearing like snow at night sky.


Can A Broken DLP Chip Be Repaired?


The short answer for the question is ‘no’.

As millions of micro-mirrors inside, it’s very difficult to tear down the chip and replace numbers of micro-mirrors as small as human hair.

Under this circumstance, the only method to fix the white dots problem is replacing a new version chip.


How To Find The Chip Right Fit On My Projector?


Similar to the CPU in the laptop, different models provide different performance. And the different DLP chips comes with a different resolution.


For example,

Sanyo PDG-DWL2500 DMD chip is featuring 1280×800 resolution.

You can not assemble the same chip to the Sanyo PDG-DXL2000 projector which rating at 1024×768 resolution.


Here are the exact links that will direct you to the chip works in the projectors.

Feel free to click on the projector brand and find your model to check for the price of a new replacement chip.

3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
3D Perception Projector brand
What is the shipping cost and ETA when I make the purchasing?2019-07-25T07:22:55+00:00

We offer free shipping via international registered post service. General speaking, the order will be delivered in 6-9 business days to US, UK, and AU. And 15-20 business days to other ePacket countries. Additionally, we provide 3- 7 business days delivery DHL service which cost $15.00 fee.

I can not find my projector model in your listing, what can I do?2019-07-25T07:21:30+00:00

We only list the models that are high-demands. Feel free to contact us via [email protected] if you can not find the projector model in our listing. We will help you figure it out.

Which thermal paste do you recommend?2019-07-25T07:20:57+00:00
  1. Arctive Silver 3.5G goop is enough on the installation. Don’t apply too much on to the chip and spread to the chip feet. That may affect the functionality of the projecting.
Should I use the thermal paste or pad?2019-07-25T07:19:59+00:00

By the original design, all the projector are assembling the chip with a thermal pad instead of paste. But some repairing guys are more recommending thermal grease that pads. Because the cooling effect will be better than the pads. You can refer to the comparison of the pads and goop.

Is the chip coming with thermal paste?2019-07-25T07:18:50+00:00

We will include a thermal pad in every chip we sent to our customer. By the time you replace your old chip, do remember to put the pad onto the backside of the chip that is printed part numbers (letters). And don’t touch the mirror side with your finger.

How To Replace The DLP Chip?


Even if it is a complicated process on replacing the defective chip on your projector, but you can do it yourself patiently.

Our advice is taking pictures or video when you tearing down the projector. That is for helping you re-assemble the parts.


Furthermore, you need to pay attention to anti-static during the process.

That may cause the vertical bars or lines displaying on the screen when you restart the projector after replacing the chip.


However, if you are stuck on this problem, you need to take down the new chip, get rid of the static of the chip feet, clean the DMD board connector and re-install the chip with an anti-static wrist.

And here are some example videos of replacing the DMD Chip for your reference.

That will let you have the idea of where the chip is located. So you can make a plan on disassembling the parts on your projector.


Finally, the bonus tip:

Clean the dust of very parts you moved from the projector, especially the projector filter, cooling fans, main boards and heatsink board.

A mini vacuum that is designed for cleaning the keyboard and computer may be helpful to suck the dust and hair.

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