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Projector Flickering: How to clean the projector color wheel to fix the error

Today I'm going to show you how to fix the DLP projector flickering colors on the screen error. (With step-by-step) And today, I'm taking apart of my Acer X1230P projector as an example to show you the steps: If your DLP projector is flashing colors like this case, you may check these fixing steps out. And hope this guide will have some value for you.   Why the Projector Flickering Color     Above all, we have to exclude other reasons and confirm the flickering color is caused by the dirty projector color wheel. So How:   First of all, check the cable connected to the external device. And confirm it isn't intermittent. If the external cable's plug is not firmly enough, just plug it tight. Moreover, you can replace another cable to try.     Press the AUTO POSITION button on the remote control. Some computers output out-of-spec signals on rare occasion. Adjust the Signal menu. When the input signal is a WXGA video signal, confirm the setting selected in WXGA in the options menu. When the input signal is other than a WXGA video signal, select OFF in WXGA in the Options menu.   Confirm it caused by

3 Best Ultra HD UHD 4K home theater projector

Want to upgrade your 1080P home theater to the 4K projector?   In the event, you're in the right place.   Because in this post, we are sharing the best 4K projectors. We are going to show you the best price 4K projector, the best vivid picture Ultra HD projector, and the best brightness 4K projector.   Building a home theater become cheaper and cheaper nowadays. As projector technology updated, you can spend less than $1,500 budget on a 4k UHD projector which is 4 times resolution as the 1080P unite. However, once you are ready to update your home theater projector, you may confuse on which 4K projector is the best for me. But Below, you will find the best projectors with 3,840 x 2,160 and 4096 x 2160 native resolution. And they are also compatible with UHD technology. For different home theater enthusiast, sometimes they may want to choose Ultra HD projector at the lowest price, and sometimes, they may choose the most vivid picture projector. With these intentions, we take different best 4K projector to meet the users' requirement.   Best Price And Brightness 4K UHD Projector: Viewsonic PX727 4K Projector     The

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